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Artist: Bubblegum Club

Year of completion: 2021

Size: 100 cm x 100 cm

Medium: acrylic on canvas 

Letting the chips fall where they may with critical play, genius productum, explores the relationship between art and industry, art, and mass production. The work signalling at relationships of artistic production but also those of capital and commerce across class and racial lines. This transparent and porous process, signalling towards our own practice, and still asking “what moves at the centre of what holds the mythology in place and what oozes out when it leaks?” As society and its concerns have evolved, so too have the definitions, functions and (im)possibilities of form and production ascribed to art, as an institution, aesthetic modality and material object. Art, apparatus of bourgeois culture…creative sickle for the masses… both…neither? Genius productum, unfolds in the space of a practice fabulated while producing/making City Deep A Virtual Affect Practice — which used commercial signage found in the local, urban CBD to imagine alternate perspectives of the city. Reading and reusing street imagery to explore the desires and possibilities contained within the cityscape and advancing the notion of daily life as an artistic experience, a magic in and of the mundane.